Sniffies APK Android App Free Download

Sniffies APK Android APK is a map-based dating App that lets you meet people, chat with them and date them. It is a fantastic app for making new acquaintances, finding dates, and meeting people locally or internationally. So, this app encourages interaction with others in a secure and friendly environment where you only need to reveal your login. This app might help you connect with new people in your area or who have similar interests to yours.

Furthermore, you may easily install the application on your smartphone for free after downloading it. The application only requires your user name to communicate with people worldwide. Users from all over the world may be found by searching for them since they come from various countries, cultures, and customs, making them good candidates for friendship and idea sharing.

Snifies APK v1.0 for Android

Snifies APK v1.0 android users can speak and meet in person. It is based on a map. In your map, you can view other people as well as their DP. You can propose and accept friendships using the app and communicate with folks in your immediate vicinity. So, you will meet and interact with all of the actual users. Spammers are dealt with by the app, preventing them from bothering loyal users. It confirms the users’ actual identities and genders. Hence, the possibility of false accounts is eliminated. Users can, however, choose to keep their genuine identities and locations private by hiding them. They are free to choose which users they want to reveal it to.

Snifies APK Android Download 2023

The primary objective of Sniffies APK is to let users maintain relationships with their loved ones while keeping an eye out for fraudulent users. Contrary to popular misconception, tracking a live location does not necessarily drain the battery, hence the Sniffies APK Android was built with battery-saving technologies in it. The fact that your exact position and the territory you may access are kept a secret is the best feature. The entire software is designed to guard you against Sniffies in this manner.

Sniffies is a cutting-edge standalone web application that can be used with full functionality on any device, including a web browser, without needing to download it from the App Store. Furthermore, it gives users a variety of quick connections to LivePlay, including the ability to use real-time video chat.

Sniffies APK Android App Latest v0.7

App Name Snifies APK Android
Version v0.7
Size Varies with size
Category Social
Requirement 4.4 and updated
Updated one One days ago

Sniffies App Features

The latest version of the Unified app is an Entertainment category. Snifies v0.7 APK is the latest version of this app and has many engaging features. So, just download and install it on your mobile device and enjoy its features. Before downloading, read its amazing features and benefits.

●     Share Your content

You can share your films and photographs with this application, just like you can on other social media networks. Sharing your content with the community is easy.

●     Real-time Real Users

The app makes sure that there are no scammers or phony users to annoy real users. It confirms the users’ true gender so you can date anyone without having any worries or second thoughts.

●     Make Friends and Get Social

There are a lot of real individuals nearby. They are there for friendship and conversation so you can video chat and go live with them using the app as well. So, you can talk to various persons you find intriguing, offer friendships, and accept them.

●     Upload Content

Similar to other social media networks, your account allows you to upload material. It enables you to quickly submit your pictures and videos. Also, you can view what other members of the community are sharing.

●     Host or Join Groups

The app enables group creation. You can invite a large number of people or friends to your group, just like on Facebook. You can also join additional organizations that interest you.

●     Start Dating

You can search for various people, view their images and DPs, communicate with them, exchange ideas, and perhaps begin dating them. The app provides a safe connection through which you may interact with users and even make live video conversations with them.

●     Chat as much as you want

Snifies APK enables you to communicate, talk to people, accept them as friends, and do the same on other social media platforms.

●     Map-Based Exploration

On the Sniffies App, you can utilize the map to locate men for impromptu encounters. The map shows neighboring guys, active groups, and well-known gathering spots and is updated frequently. You can do this to view the profile pictures of different men and pick the best one for a meetup.

●     Hide Your Identity and Exact Location

If you’ve concealed your identity, you can’t view other people you want to date. Just a populated map allows you and them to see one another. By disguising your true position from other males, you can view other guys on the map. So, choose pseudo-location to alter your true location to protect your privacy. And other people’s maps will show your fictitious location.

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Main features of Sniffies APK Android Latest Version

Here are the advantages of using the Sniffies app on Android devices.

  • Instant connection.
  • Free to download.
  • Regular updates.
  • Secure and reliable connection with others.
  • Share location only with selected contacts.
  • Block sniffers.
  • Live location sharing with others who aren’t using Sniffy.
  • Identify sniffers to be aware of them.
  • Its efficient battery usage ensures location sharing won’t drain juice too rapidly.
  • Locations disappear when you reach the destination.
  • Elegant UI or user-friendly interface.

How to Install Sniffies APK Latest Version?

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • Make sure your device permits installation from unidentified sources.
  • Turn on the Unknown Sources setting in the Settings app’s Security settings. In case it is already enabled, skip this step.

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Install the Sniffies APK on your smartphone. In a few seconds, the APK file will be downloaded.
  • Find the APK in the File Management App after downloading it. The Downloads folder is where you may locate it.
  • Locate the file and tap on it. To begin the installation, choose the Install option.
  • The App will successfully download to your device after a brief installation process.


Q: Can we access Sniffies without having to register?

Ans: To open an account, you must provide your phone number. Without an account, you are unable to use the App.

Q: Sniffies App is it free?

Ans: Absolutely, using the App is free. It is accessible without a membership. To create an account, enter your information and your phone num

Q: How may Sniffies be downloaded?

Ans: The website allows you to obtain the most recent version of the program. Install it after downloading, then use the app.


In conclusion, Your location and data are safe because the application is controlled by experts. Also, this App offers an intuitive user interface that works with all Android smartphones. Thus, don’t wait any longer and just download the Sniffies APK.