Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App Download

Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App is a smartphone application that provides food and shelter to the homeless. The app was developed to make it simpler for people to use the welfare system and to streamline the application procedure. This software intends to serve as a one-stop shop for all of your welfare requirements, including food, housing, and medical care. You can be confident you’re getting the greatest service possible with this app. So, download the app immediately if you or someone you know needs assistance to get started on the path to a better life.

Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App

Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App for Android gives users access to details regarding welfare benefits in Japan. The app contains details on various welfare benefits, including health care and unemployment insurance. Users can utilize the app’s search feature to find details on particular advantages.

Air Vice Marshal Khalid Mahmood, Air Vice Marshal Husain, Shehzad Memon, Director General NADRA, Chairman EPZ, Saifuddin Junejo, Anees, and Chairman of Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan, Idrees Ghighi all attended the ceremony of Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App. Unity Foods and JDC Foundation have launched the largest campaign to eradicate malnutrition throughout the nation.

Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan JDC

App name Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App
Version v1.1.1
Size 25MB
Category Social Welfare
Price Free
Updated on One day ago
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Sunridge Products

Taqatwar Pakistan is a daring and clutter-breaking campaign by Sunridge Foods that investigates an aspect of Pakistan that we know very little about. Sunridge wishes to make people aware of the fact that Pakistan has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world and how we can all help to end it.

The new advertisement from Sunridge reflects the changes to both our thoughts and the nation that they hope to bring about. Sunridge has looked everywhere. This advertising is innovative, powerful, and thought-provoking. It allows people the chance to genuinely demonstrate how much they love and care about Pakistan and inspires the audience to think and act. The Sunridge Products are given below.

1.    Sunridge White Chakki Aata

The Sunridge Fortified Atta product line is brimming with the benefits of iron, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin B12. Your body and internal systems get the energy they need to work properly from these nutrients. Sunridge products are safe, dependable, consistent, and hygienic for consumption because they are processed at the PESA Mill. Making roti and parathas with it makes them flavorful, nourishing, and fresh for up to 6 hours.

2.    Sunridge Flour

Their daily meals contain a big amount of wheat flour, which provides the majority of the nutrition we require. Sunridge Foods manufactures premium 100% whole wheat flour. Customers of the Taqatwar Programm App are guaranteed that Rotis will remain soft and tasty for 6 hours. Sunridge flour is produced utilizing a fully automated process and the highest standards for food safety. Get Sunridge with Ease & Speed at QnE for the lowest prices in Pakistan.

3.    Sunridge Rice

High-quality and nutrient-rich rice grains are produced by Sunridge Basmati Rice, which is supplied from the Punjabi lush plains that are irrigated by flowing riverine water rich in natural nutrients. The flawlessly aged grain from Sunridge Premium Basmati is processed using cutting-edge technology and packaged to produce Extra Long Grain rice of the highest quality and consistency while maintaining the essential qualities of pure basmati rice. Furthermore, it is perfect for Biryani, Mandi, and other dishes because when it is cooked, it doubles in size while remaining whole, separate, light, and fluffy.

4.    Sunridge Maida

Sunridge wants to offer you products of the highest caliber. Its maida is rich in proteins, carbs, and fiber and is manufactured from the finest wheat grain. Expect nothing less than high-quality, superior all-purpose flour from Sunridge Foods. Placing the highest priority on quality, under hygienic settings, and made possible by cutting-edge technology.

In order to keep you healthy and active, Sturridge also ensures that its product is pure and rich in iron, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin B12. In order to provide you with fluffy bread, crunchy parathas, soft buns, superb pizza crusts, moist cakes, and tender brownies, Sunridge makes sure that its all-purpose flour is both versatile and robust.

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Features of Sunrige Taqatwar Pakistan App

●     Help your community

The App is a no-cost internet service that offers data and services to benefit needy people and families. The app has links to websites with additional in-depth program information as well as a searchable database of programs and services that are accessible in your neighborhood.

The app also has a message board where users may ask for help from other users or share their experiences utilizing the welfare system. The App was developed to make it simpler for those who are having financial difficulties to get the resources they require. It is intended to offer quick and simple access to details regarding welfare services and programs offered nationwide. Both iOS and Android devices can use the software, which is free.

●     Get huge support

The Jedburgh Disability Counselling Service is the ideal location for you if you’re seeking a dependable and helpful resource when it comes to disability benefits. Regardless of their financial condition, anyone who needs support can get it from this app.

A variety of services are available from the Jedburgh Disability Counselling Service that can assist you in obtaining the benefits you require. They can offer guidance during the application process as well as information on the benefits that are available and how to apply for them. They have years of expertise assisting people in obtaining the benefits they require, and they are constantly eager to assist in any way they can.

●     Easy to Use

The app, which is simple to use, gives instructions on how to apply for welfare in Kansas. Furthermore, this app contains advice on how to apply for welfare, what counts as qualifying circumstances, and other topics. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store both offer the App for free.

Sunridge Pakistan Project Application

The Taqatwar Pakistan application form will be available beginning on March 1. You only need to travel to Pakistan and register thereby providing your name, residence, and the number of family members. The app will select whether you get one or two boxes of food rations based on this information.


How to Download Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App?

To download the Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App you can simply follow this method.

  • Locate the APK download button.
  • The download link can be found on the following page by clicking it.
  • Hit on the Download APK button, It’ll take time according to the file size which is 25.33 MB on your device.
  • Install APK after enabling “Unknown Sources”.
  • You can now use the app by opening it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I download this app?

Ans. Simply click the above Download button to quickly download it.

Q: Is this app cost-free?

Ans: Indeed, this program is free, and as of right now, version 1.1.1 gives users access to all functions.

Q: Is this app secure and safe?

Ans: Sunridge Taqatwar Pakistan App is totally free.