Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3 MOD APK (Premium Version)

Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3Apk is an internet connection that can precisely gauge 5G speed on your PC. It is a free program that informs you of the download and upload speeds of your internet connection. A tool to test different network connections, including dial-up, cable broadband, DSL, fiber, wireless, and mobile broadband, is called Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3. It is a fantastic tool that enables users to check their network connection at any time Speedtest by Ookla. With this tool, your issue may be examined in depth. Furthermore, this software will enable you to easily assess the performance and speed of your internet connection.

So, the Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3 is intended to assess the speed at which you can establish an Internet connection. You may use it to find out information about the rating, download and upload speed, connection setup time, and other useful details. If you had this, you could check the download and upload speeds of your internet connection. In short, you can find a solution if you frequently have network connectivity issues and wish to identify the source of the issue. This program is excellent for assessing the functionality and speed of the internet connection that your smartphone is using. All parameters will be automatically measured with only one click and instantly provided to you.

Name Speedtest by Ookla
Genre Tools
Size35.42 MB
Mod Info Premium Unlock
Get it OnGoogle Play

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Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3 APK Features

Here are following key features of Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3.

Performance Test

If you constantly experience network connectivity issues and wish to identify the source of the issue, you can find a solution. You may use this software to evaluate the performance and speed of the internet connection that your smartphone is using. All parameters will be automatically measured with a single touch and supplied to you immediately.

Experience 5G Connection

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and 5G connection is currently widely used in several nations. Connecting to 5G enables consumers to use it with a variety of benefits. However, Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3 can also provide you with comprehensive and excellent help if you want to thoroughly assess the efficacy of this link.

Predicting Provider Coverage

In certain nations, using a network provider without first registering with or getting authorization from the government is illegal. With this Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3, comparing the coverage of different providers is quick and easy. So, customers will therefore be informed of where to locate the most reliable network connection to start working.

Service Provider’s Map

The software may also provide a map of the coverage areas of different network service providers. The ideal locations for connection and performance will then be apparent. Your ability to select the ideal service provider for your location will then be dependent on that information.

Security and Privacy

User data issues are a constant with Internet connections, and the harm they do is quite significant. Network and access checks have previously been abused by several programs to steal user data and degrade the user experience. However, the creator of this program is always dedicated to providing user safety, and all users always place a high value on the capacity to safeguard sensitive information.

Check Your Performance Measurement History

Users find it challenging to maintain control over their measurements, and making comparisons between various measures also presents challenges. Through the statistical history part of this Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3, users will be able to immediately compare the outcomes of each of their measures.

Tracking with Statistical Charts

Additionally, customers will have complete control over their network modifications and speeds from within the program. Users of Speedtest by Ookla v5.0.3 may make use of the measurement history function and have statistics automatically combined and summarised for them. At that point, the program will provide you with really thorough statistics charts so you may manage your Internet connection in a broad, straightforward manner.


Is speedtest by ookla accurate?

This speed test will always be correct, so you can trust it.

How much data does Ookla speedtest use?

It consumes 700–800 MB of data.

How many connections does Speedtest use?

The download and upload sections of the test will each employ up to four HTTP threads.

What is important in speedtest?

Speed tests determine the highest possible speed of your present connection, or how quickly your device can upload and download data.

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