Tag After-School APK Download 5.0 free for Android

Tag After-School APK has many things that you can do in the Game. The narrative of this game is its primary focus, and the direction it goes in as a result of your desire. Shota-Kun is nervous to participate in after-school extracurricular activities. He has no option but to travel to the abandoned facility and face his concerns directly. It is the responsibility of the player to help the character make wise choices so that he can progress through the game without encountering any barriers. This game is available for Android users to play. Furthermore, this game provides a realistic experience, and the visuals show a lot of care and attention to detail. Click on the link to download Tag After-School APK 5.0 free for Android Mobile and Windows.

Tag After School Free Download For Android

Tag After-School APK Download free for Android and Windows

It is a simulation mobile game where you play as the main character (Shota-Kun). So, as Shota-Kun you cannot be bothered with any extra co-curricular activities. Shota-Kun just wants to live a simple and easy life. However, your game selections will determine the course of his story. Just like any other user, you have to navigate your way around life and school.  In Tag After-School APK, your character is a fearless man who makes strong decisions to maintain his life. Thus, you have to make the right choices so that they work in the best favor of your character.

Tag After School Mod APK

Name Tag After School APK
Version v5.0
Size 151MB
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0 and above
Updated on 1 Day Ago

Tag After-School Game

This game focuses on Shota-Kun. There’s a psychiatry effect to this game where you interact and experience things like Shota-Kun. Tag After School presses focus on dialogs and interactions. That means as you progress you will be able to experience the anxiety he feels while taking certain decisions.

Tag After School download

This game starts with you as a lonely student but later on, you get into many tense moments. Eventually, your choices determine who you end up with. However, because the game offers multiple storylines, you can lead the story in more than one direction. So, to enjoy this game you can download it after clicking the download button below.


Features of Tag After-School APK 5.0

It is an online game that is particularly designed for players who want to have a wild high school experience. Following are the feature highlights from the Tag After School game.

●     Stunning Graphics

The gameplay of this game plays a key role. The graphic quality of the game might not be as sparkling as many games but it offers ideal gameplay.

●     Simple Control System

The control of the Tag After School game is fairly simple. You do not need to be an android expert to get started. There are easy controls to allow users to move around and make choices as they pop up during the gameplay. In addition, you can open the options tab to access further features or change anything you don’t need.

●     Free Navigation

This game may not let you get into action but you can freely move around the school environment. You have to find certain areas and make a choice when the menu pops up. In every location, there will be a girl you can interconnect with.

●     More Than One Storyline

Your choices will lead to different events and directions. Even if you are an old player coming back, you play a different storyline with your decisions.

●     Traps and Enemies

Even though Tag After-School isn’t an action game but it comes with its fair share of action. Many enemies are hiding in the shadows and setting up traps. Make sure you don’t get caught by them. Furthermore, beware of the beautiful lady in a red dress because if you get too close, you can die.

●     Immersive Gameplay

Story-based games are often quite fascinating. Tag After School is one of them. A lot of attention is taken off from the graphics and there are a lot of dialog.

●     Tag After-School Free Characters

The game has lots of cute anime characters Such as

  1. Mizuho
  2. Akane
  3. Kyoka

Tag After School PC Download

Play as Shota-Kun, the game’s main character, in Tag After School APK, a career-focused gaming platform. A team of Japanese game developers created this title. You may use Tag After School APK for PC to work on your life goals practically and see how your choices affect them. The decision you make will determine the direction of your career. Because this game is one of those tools that inform you of how your choices affect your long-term objectives.

How to download Tag After-School APK for Android and IOS?

  1. Download the APK from the official page.
  2. Click the Install button to open the downloaded file, you must allow unknown sources to install applications.
  3. Go to settings > Apps/Security and click Enable Apps from unknown sources to be installed.
  4. Tap again and the software is mounted on your computer in seconds.
  5. To see your favorite Web series, TV shows, documentaries, and movies for free press the Open button and enjoy it.

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Q: Is Tag after school free to download?

Ans: This game is free to download.

Q: What is the size of this APK?

Ans: The size of the tag after the school game is nearly 150MB.

Final Thoughts

If you love anime and fearful main characters, then this is the best to download for you. This game unites detailed graphics with stunning animations and a realistic storyline to build an environment for you. In short, Tag After School APK is truly an outstanding game with attractive gameplay.