Mozilla Thunderbird Download Free for Windows

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free feature-rich app that allows you to manage multiple email accounts from one dashboard. It is designed for windows, and the software easily integrates with several mailboxes using POP and SMTP protocols. Furthermore, the Thunderbird application is lightweight, and you can enhance its capabilities by downloading plugins. Also, Thunderbird enables numerous identities within the account and manages several email, newsgroup, and news feed accounts. If you are interested in downloading it then you must read the full article because this article contains all information about this app. How to download Mozilla Thunderbird Free for Windows? read the given blog post.

Mozilla Thunderbird Download Free 64 & 32 bit

Mozilla Thunderbird Download Free for Windows

Thunderbird Email

It is one of the oldest open-source email clients in the world. Thunderbird’s first version was launched in 2003, but in the early 2010s, the foundation started to deprioritize the application’s development. However, it announced in 2022 on its official blog that MZLA. With several features including a built-in RSS reader, clever spam filters, and a quick search tool, Mozilla Thunderbird makes emailing safer, quicker, and simpler. This app was designed to avoid viruses and to stop junk mail. This program includes tabbed e-mail, new search tools, and indexing, smart folders, support for Firefox’s Personas, and a simplified setup wizard.

Thunderbird Download For Android

App Name Mozilla Thunderbird App
Version 102.5.0
Size 1M
Language English
Updated on 1 day Ago
Price Free

Mozilla Thunderbird Free Download For Windows 10

The Android version of Thunderbird allows you to manage your email accounts. This application is one of the organization’s top priorities, as many people check their email from their smartphones/tablets or windows. From Thunderbird, you can synchronize the same time E-mail from several platforms. Furthermore, it enables you to reply, forward, Archive, send to spam, or delete all emails from the same interface. Also, you can apply filters to find specific emails. Mozilla announced the latest email client for Android devices called K-09 Mail. This Mail is not new, and the source code for it was first released in 2008. So, you can download it for Windows 10 by clicking the download button below.


Thunderbird Mozilla for Android Features

●     Use Add-ons

Like many web browsers, Thunderbird also supports add-on installation. Several useful tools can levitate on top of this email client rather nicely. Also, there are several ad-blocking software readily available.

●     Thunderbird as an RSS reader

Thunderbird comes with a built-in RSS feed reader. Open File then Press Alt to fire up the Menu bar, go to New, and select ‘Feed Account’. Now you may add the feed address of any favorite websites. If you have an OPML file, you can import that as well, which contains all your feed information.

●     Spell-check and Grammar

If you want to enable the spell-check option then go to Tools, select Options, and click on the Composition tab. You must next click on the Spell sub-tab and confirm that both boxes are checked. Also, certain add-ons can help you correct your grammatical and syntactical mistakes.

●     Unlimited Storage

The extra storage space that you can use to store your emails is another feature of Mozilla Thunderbird. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and probably any other premium email service provide limited data storage space. But if you use Thunderbird, you are essentially using your hard drive for storage. Thus, the extra space you have on your hard disk, the more space you can invest in emails.

●     Thunderbird an Instant Messenger

This app also offers instant messaging services. The extra storage space that you can use to store your emails is another feature of Mozilla Thunderbird.

●     Send heavy attachments

Thunderbird comes with a pre-built tool called File link which connects this email client to cloud services. These services include Box, Ubuntu One, and High Tail to take care of your large files. Before you go bonkers, there is an add-on to link up your favorite Dropbox file link as well.

●     Enable Master Password

Firefox allows you to put a master password on top of everything to cement security. You must go to Tools, choose Options, then hover over the Security tab to make it active. Now, go to the sub-tab Passwords, and enter your master password.

How to Install Thunderbird 64/32-bit on Windows 10?

  1. First, visit the Thunderbird download page in any browser. The page will automatically recommend the best version of Thunderbird.
  2. Tab on the green download link to download the Thunderbird installer. It may take some time depending on your connection service.
  3. Click Run to start the process.
  4. Then, just follow the steps.
  5. Double-click on the Thunderbird icon when you want to communicate.

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Q: Does Thunderbird support extensions?

Ans: Mozilla Thunderbird allows users to download and install extensions quite easily.

Q: Where can I run this program?

Ans: It is available on systems running Windows, mac OS, Linux, and Linux 64-bit. This program is accessible in over 50 languages.

Q: Can I get Thunderbird for free?
Ans: Thunderbird is a free email program with a lot of amazing features.

Q: Thunderbird can I use it offline
Ans: Thunderbird allows you to save and queue email messages using the “Send Later” button, which takes the role of the “Send” button when you’re offline, even if you can’t send messages right away.


The above blog post is all about the Mozilla Thunderbird app to download. With features like clever spam filters, an integrated RSS reader, and rapid search, Mozilla Thunderbird makes emailing safer, quicker, and easier. So, you should download Mozilla Thunderbird Free for Windows.