How to Download Ringtones on Android Phone Free

If you are looking for how to download ringtones on an android phone for free, congratulations! You are in the right place. Well, if you are using a high-quality or low-quality smartphone, the money you spend on your smartphone doesn’t get you fantastic ringtones. Sure, the installed options will be plentiful, but they might not have that special or unique touch. Don’t worry, there are still many methods by which you can customize the appearance and feel of your device. New ringtones and tunes can be bought, but if you’re looking for some good, no-cost choices, go no further.

These websites claim to improve the customizing industry. I’ll provide you with some of the websites from where you can download ringtones of your choice for free. And you will also get to know the procedure to download these amazing ringtones. Stick to the article to the end to know all of this amazing information regarding the topic.

How to Download Ringtones on Android Phone?

How to Download Ringtones on Android Phone Free

Well, it is not difficult to download ringtones for your Android devices if you don’t like your device’s default ringtones. There are many applications and as I mentioned some of them above. You can download your desired ringtones from these applications. Look at the steps below to download the ringtone on your Android device.

Step 01: Search for an application that offers free ringtones to download from the Google Play store and download the app. However, your first stop should be Zedge, which has a fantastic range of free ringtones for Android phones.

Step 02: After downloading the app, you can explore through a selection of highlighted tones in the Ringtones section of the app. Tap on the discover button and select your desired category. You can also search for your favorite tune from the search icon.

Step 03: First play the ringtone to her preview, and if you like the ringtone then tap on the ringtone to download it.

Step 04: Download the ringtone from the downloading-pointing arrow icon. Then another interface opens where you can select sound options i.e set as alarm, set as ringtone, or set as notification, etc. After selecting that you are all done.

This is the procedure to download ringtones for Android phones from any application.

Best Applications for Ringtones

There are many applications by which you can add ringtones to your Android phone. Custom ringtone purchases are less common than they previously were, but that is possible because it is simpler than ever to discover them. Surprisingly, there aren’t as many Android apps available for finding ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones. Only a few apps now have these features, and Zedge pretty much controls the market. Let’s take a look at some applications that provide ringtones for free.

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone maker is an amazing application for creating unique ringtones for your Android phone. You import a sound file, edit it to your desired length, and then save it. If you want to make even more unique ringtones, you may record audio with it as well. The majority of the files are supported by software like MP3 and many others.

The only thing you have to perform is to load the file of your choice, then modify it to your desired length and then cut it. And you are done. The application works really well. However, there are ads, but the software is free and does not provide in-app purchases.


Zege is one of the best applications for free ringtones. This application is normally the number one choice to download and enjoy new and unique ringtones for your Android devices. It is one of the most well-known ringtone and notification tone apps. It has a vast selection of ringtones from many different genres and styles.

Additionally, you can conduct a targeted search for alarm tones, ringtones, or notification tones. Because the notification tones are often shorter, they won’t disturb you if you receive many notifications quickly. Even if the advertising can occasionally become a little irritating, it’s one of the best and most reliable apps for notification tones and ringtones.

Z Ringtones

Z ringtones is another application for ringtones and music. And this application is somehow a kind of an alternative to something like Zedge. You can find a lot of good stuff related to your choice in this application. But the app, like the majority of other ringtone downloaders, offers a ton of ads. This is the annoying and worst part of this application but despite this, it is a good application to download ringtones than many other applications out there.

These are some of the best applications to download and enjoy ringtones of your choice. Now let us take a look at the procedure to download the ringtones for your Android phone.


Q 01: How do I change a new ringtone on my Android?

Ans: Go to your mobile settings, and click on “sound and vibration”>”ringtones”. Select the ringtone from there and that’s it.

Q 02: Is Zedge no longer free?

Ans: Downloading and using the Zedge app for Android are both always free. However, you can also buy premium if you want.

Q 03: Where can I find free downloadable ringtones?

Ans: There are many apps to download free ringtones. For example, Ringtone Maker, Audiko Ringtones Free, Zedge Ringtones, Hip Hop & Rap Ringtones, etc.

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In this article, I have provided you the information regarding the topic of how to download ringtones free for Android and what are the best applications to download tunes. I hope all your queries or confusion are gone after reading this blog post. But still, if you have any queries then ask us anytime.