Gold WhatsApp Download New Version 2023 APK

Gold WhatsApp is a modified and improved version of WhatsApp also known as the “Edition” of WhatsApp. The gold Whatsapp version is created by Altornedo7 a third party is known as “Nasser” to facilitate Whatsapp users. This version offers more features, advances, and ease of use for android mobile phone holders. Whatsapp gold is a very growing and famous app on the web today with a daily increase in downloads. This version is getting more familiar with time as its available for use on all Android, IOS, and Windows operating systems.

This is the best version of Whatsapp which offers a variety of features like hiding online status, auto-reply, schedule messages for later sending. Download the Gold APK if you want to explore more features and advances.

Gold WhatsApp update 2023 Free

The v18.00 is the latest Whatsapp Gold with a 4.6 rating on web and a storage capacity of 60 MB. It is recently updated to have a license of Freeware that could be downloaded on all Android devices.

Gold Whatsapp Download New Version 2023

Gold Whatsapp Download New Version APK


How To Download

– Download Whatsapp Gold from

– Go to your phone’s “File Manager”, Then “Downloads” where you will find the Whatsapp Gold APK

– Visit your phone’s settings and click on “Security” than Enable downloads from “Unknown sources” to download and install the new modified version of Whatsapp Gold on your phone.

– Tap on APK Downloaded to start to install click on the “Install” button, it takes a few seconds

– Tap the “Open” and click  “Done” to finish the installation and “Launch” the app

– Now open the app installed and tap on “Agree and continue”, enter your phone number and tap “Copy Whatsapp Data” to backup all Original Whatsapp data to your new Whatsapp Gold.

How To Backup Data

– Go to your phone, click on Whatsapp Icon to open whatsapp on your phone

– Now click on the “Menu” button then tap on “Settings”

– Here you will find the “Chats” tap on “Chats backup”

– Press the “Backup” button to save all the data on cloud storage


If you want to download the new improved version of Whatsapp Gold then you have to uninstall the Official Original Whatsapp from your device. So before uninstalling Whatsapp backup all your Whatsapp data and store it on cloud storage to save it. You have to follow the above-mentioned instructions to save and back up your data for future use.


1-Hide \ Unhide

Whatsapp Gold offers the feature of hiding your status when you are online but don’t want others to see you online. You can hide your appearance as “Online” with Whatsapp Gold if you want privacy while using whatsapp. You can also hide Blue Dot, and Blue ticks showed while you came online. Hide voice recordings, writing, view status, etc with the help of this new modified version of Whatsapp.

2-Auto Reply Feature

The Gold-Whatsapp has the feature of auto reply your messages when you are busy. So “Enable” Auto reply feature if you are a working person and remain busy having no time to reply to all the messages.

3-Secure Privacy

You can “Lock” the App and chats too whenever you want to keep them private and secure them from others. Thus Whatsapp Gold provides a multiple locking process to secure your Inbox.

4-Feature Attachments

The Gold APK carry many features with this APK you can send a video of 30 MB which was limited to 15 MB in the original Whatsapp. You can also send an attachment containing 90 images which were previously 30 images at once.

5-, 250 Character longer Status

Using Whatsapp Gold APK you can write a longer whatsapp status comprising of 250 characters which is much longer than Original whatsapp status which is 130 characters longer only. So if you want to write a longer status then download Gold APK.

6- , 2-Digit Operations

It allows two different whatsapp on one device as a 2-digit operation under one roof on the one-floor rule


One of the best feature among all features offer by this app is color edition as you can change the color of windows, fonts, background and even the color of whole app at once from one to many colors.

8-Other features

This includes additional features as you can know the status of the one you are talking with without going to his\her home page.


Gold APK offers a feature where you can schedule the messages to send them later. You can schedule a message with a date and time to send to your friends later on when it is necessary.

10-Receipt don’t even know

Place a 2nd blue mark next to the message so the receipt will not know if you read the messages sent to you. If you remain busy and people sent you messages you can’t reply to while they think you have gone through so with the help of this APK you can hide what you have read and will only show it to his\her when you reply

11-Language choice

You can use many languages like English, Spainish, Hindi, and Portagees while using Whatsapp Gold APK.


Whatsapp Gold APK features customizing the app, screens, groups, and icons. You can create special icons, fonts, and fonts size for your whatsapp Gold APK of your choice.

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Whatsapp Gold v18.00 is the latest version of the Gold APK which allows and offers new and advanced features for its customers. If you want to unlock the new features like Hide status, Lock the App and hide blue ticks then download the Gold APK.

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