Hik Connect Apk Download For Pc Windows, 7, 8, 10, 11

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Hik Connect Apk Download Latest Version

Hik Connect Apk Download For Pc Windows, 7, 8, 10, 11

The HIK-Connect app is basically an app designed for mobile phones and tablet devices for the purpose of movement detection, video monitoring, video rewinding, and getting control of CCTV Cameras on your mobile and tablet devices to ease the work as HIK-Connect APK download for iPhones, HIK-Connect APK download android. This app is all about monitoring and controlling the records done by CCTV cameras on your devices in hand anywhere you are. Also How to Increase Followers on Instagram Without any App and Money.

Hik-connect App Download

One of the best features of this app is that it eases the work for you while making your safety and care ahead as if you have installed the digital video recording devices CCTV cameras at your office to monitor your work and activities of your employees within the company premises and also at home to monitor the activities of your children and for security point of view in all such cases you don’t need to sit in the office to monitor these activities instead with the help of this app you can control all CCTV camera’s activity on your mobile phone device anywhere you go and whatever you do all time round the week and 24\7.

HIK-Connect App for PC

Here the question is that if this app is designed for mobile phone devices then how can we use it on computers, laptops, and windows systems, As the HIK-Connect app is a product of HIKVISION which is a brand in this industry, so HIKVISION also provides an updated software for downloading and installing of this app on PCs and Laptops that is windows devices and also for MAC PC’s. This app work only with IP cameras, NVR and DVRs of HIKVISION models that support the p2p cloud. There are two methods of HIK-Connect download, HIK-Connect login, downloading, installing, and running this app on windows computers and laptops which are Set Up File Method to download HIK-Connect app for PC and Third Party Software Method to download HIK-Connect for pc login as below.

Hik Connect Apk Download For Pc Windows, 7, 8, 10, 11

HIK-Connect APK Download for Laptop

1- Set Up File Method

The setup file method is used for HIK-Connect APK download for PC, First of all,, download a setup file and extract the compressed setup file with the help of extraction like WINZIP. After extraction install the unzip set up a file on your PC and follow this procedure

  1. a) HIK-Connect PC Installation

Go to your computer and click on the file where there is set up file is stored on your PC, find the setup file for HIK-Connect and click on the option “ Run as administrator” after this click the “ yes” button when the computer asks permissions, here the installation process will start and a screen will appear asking license agreement, Agree the license agreement and click the “Next” button now the on-screen you will see some options tap on all options and click the “Install” option when you press install it started installing app at the end you have to click “Finish” and the app will be installed on your device

  1. b) HIK-Connect Login

After installing HIK-Connect to your device it’s time to log in to the app it will need a username and a password. The password should be very strong and safe and the username should be as superuser, after creating the username and password for your login you can also change the language of your desire here in your software, then click “Login” and a screen with safety precautions, security options appear where you can select security and protect your account according to your own desire which will also help you in your password recovery whenever you forget your password. Click the next button to move

  1. c) Windows CCTV Device Addition

The first and most important thing you have to do is to connect the CCTV camera device with your PC. For this purpose go to the control panel of the software and tap “ Device Management Option”.  Now click on “Add” device and a screen on the left corner with “Add” option appear.  when you click this a slide with adding methods slides to the right for HIK-Connect app for PC the adding method is “P2P Cloud”. HIK-Connect login, After adding a device click on “Login” and log in with an existing account or create a new account by getting registered by providing essential information like username and password and login, HIK-Connect for PC login.

  1. d) Cameras Monitoring

This is time to go to main panel control and tap the option “ Live preview”.  On the left side of the menu you can see your device name. Click double on the device name and CCTV Cameras will automatically connect to your device. HIK-Connect software PC, So monitor all the HIK-Connect APK pure. HIK-Connect APK 2022 activities through CCTV cameras with the help of HIK-Connect APK latest version on your PC.

2- Third Party Software

The app HIK-Connect is available on Google Play Store but for mobile devices. If you want to download it on a PC, you will have to use an emulator (third-party software). In this method of downloading and installing of HIK-Connect app on a PC. You have to download a third-party software which is named an emulator to download and install this app on your PC and laptop. The famous and more useful and reliable third-party software are Blue Stacks and Andy OS. So firstly you have to download one of these two Blue Stacks and Andy OS software on your device.  Then go and search for the desired app HIK-Connect APK download for windows 7, 8, 10, 11.

Hik Connect Apk Download For Pc Windows, 7, 8, 10, 11


How do I download HIK-Connect app for PC?

The app HIK-Connect is available on Google Play Store but for mobile devices. If you want to download it on PC, you will have to use an emulator (third-party software like Blue stacks). Download an emulator and then search for the HIK-Connect app on Google Play Store, Download and install the app on your PC.

Is HIK-Connect app free?

Yes, the app HIK-Connect is free and designed for monitoring of cameras with DVR, IP Cameras, NVR. And Cloud P2P support made for end users as HIK-Connect – for end users owned by HIKVISION.  A king of this industry facilitating worldwide customers and creating ease in video rewind. Video monitoring, and movement detection industry.

Is HIK-Connect app available for PC?

Yes, basically this app is for mobile phones and tablets but the latest software of HIKVISION IVMS-4500 allows this app installation on PC. So with the help of a setup file HIK-Connect method. And also with a third party method software you can download this app on your PC and Laptop. You check here to

How install HIK-Connect?

You can install HIK-Connect app on your device mobile phone. As HIK-Connect APK download android, HIK-Connect APK download for IPHONES by following this simple method:-

Download the APK HIK-Connect from the Google Play Store present on your mobile phone. After downloading app unzip the zip folder app, and click on the “Install” button to install the app on your mobile phone.  But the procedure is different if you want to download the app on PC. Then you will have to download a setup file by HIKVISION IVMS-4500.  Or a third party software like Blue Stacks to download and install the app on your PC.


The HIK-Connect app is an advanced featured, digitally enabled monitoring and commanding app. Which is specially designed by HIKVISION. An app industry king for the ease of movement detection to ensure safety, security, and protection. The latest version of the app HIK-Connect for PC IVMS-4200. And the latest version HIK-Connect for PC IVMS-4500 are entitled with PC versions of the app and more featured easy to use the app.

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