How to Increase Followers on Instagram Without any App and Money

If you want to get complete information about how to increase followers on Instagram without any app and money, you are on the right page. There are various techniques and methods available on the internet to increase your Instagram followers by using different apps and spending money. Most people use online platforms to increase their following.

This is quite an easy way but it will not give you the surety of reliable results. Same like online platforms there are also many mobile apps that profess to increase your followers on Instagram, but they all are not able to trust them. This study is completely related to how to increase followers on Instagram without any app and money. We will tell you the real and genuine course of action that will absolutely help to increase your followers on Instagram.

Ways to Increase Instagram Following without any App and Money

We have collected all the basic methods about how to increase followers on Instagram without any app and money. People are in search of authentic and factual ways to increase their Instagram following without using any app and spending money. There are a lot of methods to increase followers on Instagram by using different apps and spending too much money.  People use plenty of applications and spend money to achieve their goal of increasing followers in six months or in one year. But the focus of this article is on telling you how to increase followers on Instagram without any app and money.

Here are some simple and real ways to increase your Instagram following. Without using any kind of app and without spending a single rupee.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

How to Increase Followers on Instagram Without any App and Money

The first and most important thing that you have to do to get more followers on Instagram is to fully optimize your account. When thinking about your brand’s Instagram bio which is considered the homepage of your account. It includes image captions, profile images,s or proper user names. Must write Alt text that describes the detail of the photo on your Instagram account. When your account is not optimized, people do not know about your account related to your brand. Optimizing your account might look unnecessary, but the bio of your Instagram is the only thing from which traffic drives to your site. So in the first step, it is important to optimize your Instagram account to increase followers.

Get Partner to Post Your Content

If you want to increase the number of followers on Instagram, you must have to know the value of your audience. You first have to know about what people are searching for online, this thing will absolutely make it easy for you to attract more people to your post. A professional who has great knowledge about the value of your audience, can help a lot and make this following process easier.

The first way to get people to follow your account is to be present on your own Instagram. It could seem weird but essential to increase following. Another way is to work with larger Instagram accounts and share your content with their audience. You also have to keep an eye on the quality of your content. Good content on your Instagram account can also drive more traffic to your post.

Showcase Your Instagram Everywhere

Showcase your Instagram everywhere is one of the best ways to increase your following. Use other social media platforms to promote your account and check that your account is listed on other social media platforms and on your own website. It is essential to create visibility and awareness to get discovered. Adding social media buttons to your website can help to grow your following. And taking help from all your networks and showing people where you are on Instagram and how to find you.

Using other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook can help to drive people to your Instagram account. Give reasons to users to follow your account by your unique and Quality full content. Luckily Instagram added new features like IGTV, reels, and stories; you can make creative content and drive more eyeballs to your account.

Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

It is quite an easy way to purchase followers and grow your Instagram following, but it could not help you for a long duration. We are describing the easiest and working methods to increase your following without any app and money. So there is a big difference between fake and real followers. If you have thousands of fake followers how many of them will comment, like, or share your content? Obviously not as much, so try to make your content unique that attract people to follow your account. When you have real followers on your Instagram account, they will like, comment on your post, and also share it on other platforms.

Post Content Followers Want

It is not enough easy to find what people want from your post. It is an important step to find people’s choices to get more followers on your Instagram. You have to take a look at Instagram users and check their content and followers. And then compare them with some other Instagram users. In this way, you will find the better one. This way of testing is very important.

Captions on Instagram, content type, and post time all these little things make a big difference. Be aware of the all-new trends on Instagram and try to post the latest and most popular content.

Find Hashtags that Convert

Using hashtags to increase your followers on Instagram is one of the most authentic and most tried ways. Hashtags are considered the most essential tool that served a lot to broaden your research. As a social media user or as a marketer you just want to increase your following and hashtags just provide you with that thing. If you are new to Instagram don’t find hashtags that are too populated. It is not an easy thing to highlight your post in millions of videos and pictures. Enter the universe of hashtags carefully, and keep an eye on what you’re tagging on your post this will help a lot to increase Instagram followers. Try to use hashtags that are not too populated. And make your content unique to compete with the sea of people.

Make Your Instagram Followers Happy

Firstly try your best to find what people want from you. When you get the idea, post the content which makes your followers happy. You will see a great increase in your followers. We have described plenty of ideas in the above-mentioned points to increase your following. This is also an amazing method to grow your followers on Instagram by posting what people want and trying to make them happy.

Get the Conversation Started

Another unique technique to increase your Instagram following is conversation. Make people aware of your Instagram through your time-by-time conversation with them. Serious customers care for new queries on your Instagram account, comment on your posts, and want replies to their queries and questions. If you really want to drive traffic on your account, you should be supportive and communicative.

Always reply to customers’ questions and solve their queries as much as possible. And also try to make a strong relationship with your audience, this act will increase the number of new followers on your Instagram. In this step and in all the above-described methods we have tried our best to tell how to increase Instagram followers without any app and money.

Schedule Instagram Posts in Advance

When we are discussing how to increase followers on Instagram without any app and money. So this step will absolutely help you to increase your Instagram following. You have to be more active on your Instagram account while the algorithm has changed and show customers more things they like.

You should post on your account at the right time. This can give more visibility to your post and increase the number of followers on Instagram. Build your content in advance according to the changing in the breakthroughs of Instagram. Build out your content in advance and scheduled it with the Instagram scheduling tool. In this way, you can maintain a flow of content and at the same time, you can reach your audience.

 Keep a Consistent Content Calendar

In the last step of this discussion, you have to work consistently and post content on regular basis. When you try to get more traffic on your Instagram you should not do the worst thing to post content at random. If you have followers on your account you are lucky and you have to make a schedule of posting content regularly. To compete with millions of people and to give visibility to your content work regularly on your account and at least publish a few times throughout the entire day.

Some Other Points to Increase Instagram Following

There are some other essential points that will surely help to grow traffic on your Instagram account.

  • Through Instagram guidelines, attract new followers to your account
  • Like hashtags use location tags to get more followers
  • Increase followers with your unique content
  • Join groups that are on top and most active on Instagram
  • Post on regular basis not randomly
  • Share your content on other social media apps like Twitter and facebook
  • Publish exceptional content
  • Use the right number of hashtags
  • Create a brand voice and aesthetic
  • Follow others


In this article, we have discussed the 10 best ways to increase followers on Instagram without any app and money. All methods are reliable and well working. If you follow these steps and consistently work on your Instagram you can surely increase the number of your followers. On the other hand, there are too many ways to increase Instagram followers by using different apps and spending money. But this article will be brought to you the most authentic ways to drive traffic to your Instagram account without using any app and without spending a single coin. If you really want to grow the number of your Instagram followers, practice all these steps and notice the day by day increasing in your followers.

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