How to Check Jazz Package Status & Expiry Date

Before we talk about How to Check Jazz Package Status & Expiry Date? Let’s talk about Mobilink also called Jazz in Pakistan, is considered a major telecommunications provider there. This firm gained a reputation for excellence in a short period of time. Jazz telecom’s graph started talking to the sky year after year. Jazz’s success is primarily attributable to its clients’ respect and trust. Jazz’s daily bundle options include minutes, SMS, and internet data at a reasonable price. Just Read the following article if you want to know how to check jazz balance and how to share jazz balance.

How to Check Jazz Package

Customers of Jazz, you can now simply see which packages have been activated. You may verify your current package data on your Jazz Sim by following the instructions below. All you need to do is send an empty message, as well as you will get the information about your current Jazz Package.

Heavy use before the expiration date might cause your intended bundle to expire. It’s possible to charge normally after the expiration of a package, which may deplete your prepaid credit card balance.

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How to Check Jazz Package Status & Expiry Date


Every Pakistani has at least one sim card from a variety of different networks, including Zong, Mobilink, Warid, Telenor, and Ufone.

We tend to forget about the current bundle on our SIM when we have a slew of SIMs in our pockets and a slew of intriguing offers to choose from. Check the jazz status code, the jazz remaining MBs code, and the jazz package code if you have interest.

How To Check Jazz Balance Prepaid

You may check the how to check jazz balance code, how to check jazz balance postpaid, jazz balance check code 2021, and jazz helpline.

  • Dial *111# {Rs. 0.24}
  • Call *444*6*2# to get in touch with jazz.
  • To contact our WhatsApp Self Service team, Just say Hi and then write “4” to our WhatsApp Self Service number 03003008000.
  • Go to the home screen of the Jazz World app to check your current balance.
  • To find out your account balance, call the 111 hotline it charges about 0.72 per call

How to Check Jazz Monthly Package SMS

A set monthly fee of Rs. 110 per month gets you 12,000 SMS for any network and 5000 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO) of data use.

If you want to subscribe, dial *101*1*02#; if you want to unsubscribe, dial *101*4*02#  as well as to check the validity of the package  dial  *101*2*02#

Conditions of Use

For a limited period of time

Offers can be withdrawn or modified at any moment.

As soon as the deal ends, the package will be automatically renewed

Rs. 0.24 gets you to access to the Balance Inquiry feature by dialing *111# (inclusive of tax)

If you have any further questions, you can call the 111 hotline at Rs 2.39 per minute (inclusive of tax)

Jazz Monthly Package Check Code 

Check your Jazz Monthly Mega Internet Package’s remaining MBs at:

If you are a Jazz Mega Internet Package member, you may use the procedures below to see how much data you still have left each month. The full procedure for confirming the remaining MBs is outlined in the following.

To access it, dial *117*31*2#.

Once the remaining MBS has been depleted, an alert will appear on your mobile device.

You may see how much space you have left in any package by entering *2 in the Package box. You should follow the instructions in How To Check Remaining MBs In Jazz 4G Internet Packages  if you have a different subscription.

How to Check Package Status

Customers may now customize their own packages by calling the *303# activation number and selecting the validity and rewards they like. Jazz To take advantage of the Make Your Own Bundle promotion and make custom, daily, weekly and monthly bundles, click on the button below now. SMS, on-net and off-net phone minutes, as well as Internet mobile data MBs are all available at reasonable pricing from this provider.

  1. Depending on your preferences, you can receive an on-net benefit of any amount.
  2. You have complete control over the value you receive off-net as a result of this deal.
  3. In order to design a customized package, the available Internet MBs will vary.
  4. The quantity of free SMS you receive is also likely to vary depending on the customized package you choose.
  5. You may construct your own bundle by customizing any kind of product.
  6. Please dial *303*1# to enquire about your status if you are using Daily.
  7. If you’re on Weekly, you may check your delivery status by dialing *303*7#.
  8. You can enquire about your current status by dialing *303*30#.
  9. Finally, You can dial *303*1# for daily, *303*7# for weekly, and *303*30# to check for monthly validity by customers to verify their remaining incentive at any point in time.
  10. Term & Conditions 
  11. There is a charge for setting up the call.
  12. In order to get the most out of your free minutes, we recommend that you sign up for the service as soon as possible.
  13. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll charge Rs 3.6/MB unless you have a bundle.
  14. With a 512 KB charging pulse.

How To Check Jazz Number

  • Go to the dialler on your phone.  
  • Dial *99# from your Jazz SIM.  
  • The query will be sent automatically.

How to Check Jazz Package Status Prepaid

Moreover, check how to check jazz remaining mbs? Generally, checking your account’s remaining Jazz MBs is a simple process. To activate your subscription, all you need to do is dial *2# after the subscription package code you already dialed.

Take Jazz’s weekly internet plan, which has the subscription code *117*47#, for example. For example, the activation code *117*47# can be changed to *2# to verify the remaining data jazz.

Dial *117*47*2# to check the remaining MBs on your Jazz account.

You may see your remaining internet data MBs if you have subscribed to the Jazz Monthly Browser Package. To make use of this deal, use the code *117*77# at the checkout page. As a result, by adding *2# at the end of this subscription code, you can see how many MBs you have left to use out of 2100 MBs.

To determine how many more MBs are available on Jazz, use the code *117*77*2#.

How to Check Jazz Monthly Package

THE MONTHLY SUPREME PACKAGE OF JAZZ It gives 22 GB DATA (12 GB between the hours of 2 AM and 2 PM).

  • It costs Rs.546 to subscribe for a month (Incl. tax)
  • *117*32# is the subscription code.
  • Validity is for 30 days.
  • Status Code *117*32*2#
Terms Of Use
  • At any point of the day, you can subscribe to the bundle.
  • You can find out how much incentive is left as well as if it’s still valid by dialing the Rs. 0.06 package status code.
  • When a bundle expires, it must resubscribe to keep it active.
  • In places with 2G, 3G, or 4G networks, you may subscribe to and use an Internet bundle.
  • Sim, device, web pages visited, time of day, the number of concurrent users, distance from 2G/3G/4G site, etc. are all elements that might affect internet performance.
  • The internet package has an overage charge of Rs.2.25/MB.
  • If you don’t have a data plan, you’ll charge the basic cost of Rs. 5/MB. Pulses will 512KB.
  • It’s possible that the package will alter at any point.
  • The deal allows for multiple subscriptions.

How To Check Jazz Package Status For Free

Simply you just have to dial 111 from your device and ask the agent about your currently active package and about its details. You can check jazz code list here.

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How to Check Jazz Remaining MBs in Daily Internet Package: · Open your Call Logs · Dial *117*4*2# · Remaining MBs will appear on your mobile screen.Dial the following dial code: *111# (Charges Rs 0.24); or. Dial the following dial code: *444*6*2#.

How to Check Jazz Package Expiry Date

Call 111 and press 0 to speak with a representative about the expiration date of your jazz bundle. Above all, the representative will provide you with complete information on all of your products, including the expiration dates.

How To Check Jazz Package Status For Free (Check Code)

Check Jazz Balance Through Code · Open the call log of your phone. · Open the keypad and type *111#. You can check how to check jazz remaining package here.


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