How to Apply For Sehat Card Punjab 2022

It’s a great to step in order to provide free healthcare services to low-income families in Punjab, the Punjab government has introduced the Sehat Card Punjab 2022. With this move, Pakistan’s residents that are in need will finally be able to afford the treatment they desperately require. If you’re qualified, you may get free medical care worth up to 1 million rupees (10 lakh) every year with the Sehat Card! Check out how to get sehat card in punjab.

Sehat Card Punjab 2022

Federal health reforms have reached a major step forward with the Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card. Previously It was also known as Sehat Card. Your health care costs are covered by the Sehat Card if you live in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or Punjab or AJ&K or District Tharparkar or Islamabad. The Province Sindh and Balochistan will include in the program soon. Your All queries about sehat insaf card Punjab online registration 2022, sehat insaf card punjab online registration 2021, Sehat card Punjab online registration, 9780 sehat card online check, Sehat insaf card online registration, sehat insaf card Punjab, online registration 2020,sehat card apply, as well as, how to get sehat card in Punjab will be discussed here.

Sehat Insaf Card Online Registration 2022

How to Apply For Sehat Card Punjab


The Sehat Insaf Card Online Registration 2022 Eligibility Criteria and how to register. The Prime Minister Health Card Program is apllied by the Punjabi government in a number of the province’s districts. The PHIMC and the Prime Minister Health Program are currently accepting applications for the sehat card online registration program. It is open for the low-income residents in Punjab especially. Applicants in Punjab and KPK can call the support number to activate their sehat card.

How to Apply for Qaumi Sehat Card in Pakistan

SMS your National Identity card number to 8500 and check your eligibility in the program. Step 1: SMS your National Identity Card number to 8500, to check your eligibility in the program. Gather Information and Documents Required: Select your desired empaneled hospitals for Sehat Sahulat Program.

Why I Am Not Eligible For Sehat Insaf Card?

According to NADRA CNIC, if you are not resident of Punjab, KP, AJK, GB, and District Tharparkar that fall under the scope of the Sehat Insaf Card, then you can not use this service. You can contact the SSP team at 0800-09009 if you have any questions about your eligibility, criteria, or if you believe you have been ineligible because of an error.

Sehat card online apply

Check your sehat card eligibility by sending your National Identity Card Number (NIC number) to 8500 via SMS.

Sehat Card Punjab Information

For social welfare reforms, Sehat Sahulat is an important step. At the same time, this platform guarantees that Pakistan’s poor residents have access to the medical treatment they need. Without having to worry about financial commitments. It covers Benefits of Hospitalization, emergency care, inpatient care, injuries, transportation, and maternity care. Besides free follow-up and consultation are also available to all patients at no cost to them.

Sehat Card Financial Coverage

The Sehat Sahulat Program is set up to ensure that the poorest members of society. They will access health care without putting their finances at risk. No matter where you live Sehat Sahulat Programs in different provinces can provide secondary and tertiary health treatment. Aside from pay loss during treatment, the programs also cover maternity allowance. Moreover, Child care expenses, and financial aid to a family in case of death during a hospital stay. How to Register For Sehat Insaf Card · Firstly, you will send the national ID card number on 8500.

Sehat Insaf Card Punjab Online Registration 2022

You may apply through SMS if you don’t have access to the internet or an Android phone. In the message option, write your CNIC number with dashes.

Send a text message to 8500.

Finally, You will receive a text message on your phone if you are eligible or ineligible for the program.


Click here to apply

Firstly,To proceed, please enter your CNIC and complete the captcha.

Secondly,lcick the Check Eligibility button to see whether you are eligible.

Lastly, to receive a Sehat card, all you need is your CNIC.


PM Health Card Program 2022 Online Registration Form

The sehat card online registration has started; the low-income families can take benefits from this scheme that is working under the Punjab health initiative program. Every single family who owns Sehat Card can get free medical treatment for up to 1 million every year.


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