How To Download Snapchat Story HD Quality Fast On Android

Snapchat is a platform where people can share their pictures and video with their friends and family. People can also share their routine stories on Snapchat, and keeping this thing in front, we are going to tell you about How To Download Snapchat Story HD Quality Fast On Android, PC, Laptop and iPhone. Free online Snapchat Story video downloader is available here. Get and paste your URL here.

How To Download Snapchat Story HD Quality 2022


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After stepping into the world of social media platforms, Snapchat becomes famous because of its story feature and its security. Snapchat was the 1st who introduces the feature of stories and later on other social media sites got inspiration from Snapchat and add story features to their sites. Snapchat story download by username here.

How to Download Snapchat stories without them knowing iPhone

How To Download Snapchat Story HD Quality Fast On Android

If you’re a Snapchat user, you have defiantly well aware of the Story feature of Snapchat. Snap stories are related to sharing our routine work and they disappear after 24 hours.

Snapchat Story Download by Username Without Watermark

Sometimes, while using the Snapchat, we often see some best stories that we want to save or download. But Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t allow anyone to save or download someone’s story. But you don’t need to take tension as long as we are here. We’ll provide the whole solution to this issue. In this case, you are dependent on the different third-party apps to download the stories, pictures gifs, or anything being shared on this platform.

Without wasting any time, let’s talk about third-party apps or tools:

List Of 3 Top Apps Save Snapchat Stories On Android 2022

If you’re trying your best to download someone’s story but get no results, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk about the Best Snapchat story Saver Apps in 2022. Those apps are listed below:

  1. Snapbox

Snapbox is one of the best apps used to save or download snap stories. This app has been deleted from the Google play store due to some policy issues. Although, you can download the apk from the XYZ website. In this app you need to log in to your Snap account at once, Once you have done, it automatically loads all the stories of your account. Then you can download stories on your mobile/device.

  1. SnapSaver

Moving on to the story, SnapSaver comes next on the list that may serve you to save stories on android. Basically, it’s just like a screen recorder app but this can only work on Snapchat. After installing the app into your device, you need to smash on the Snapsaver video recorder icon.

After this, just open Snapchat and start watching the story that you want to save. This app is also unavailable on the Google Play store but you can download the apk from the XYZ website.

  1. SnapCrack

It is very similar to Snapbox, you need to put in your account credentials to log in. Once you have done this, all recent stories will appear, and you can download your favorite story by clicking on the single button.

Use Screen Recorder app

I know screen recording isn’t an ideal or best solution but if you want to secure your Snap account, this is the best solution for you. Because almost every third-party app demands your login credentials to perform this action, that may lead permanent ban on your account. That’s why screen recording is the best and most secure way to save Snap stories.

Nowadays almost every smart device have built-in screen recording, but if you’re using a device that doesn’t have a built-in screen recorder, then for you people I’ve provided a list of screen recorder below:

  • XRecorder

This is one of the best screen recorders that provide high-quality screen recording. You can get it from the play store.

Once you have installed it, a floating window will appear on your screen. You can use it to record snap stories. The best thing is this is entirely free to use.

  • AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is also one of the best screen recorders. This app is known because of its best-quality recording. It provides a 60fps screen recording with external/internal sounds. This thing makes it unique.

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