Best Free Online Facebook Video Downloader HD

Facebook is a social media platform with 2.45 active monthly users. Normally people use this platform to share their thoughts in the form of visuals like pictures, videos, graphics, and text as well. Millions of people share pictures and videos on Facebook on the daily basis. At that time, while scrolling the feed, a video passes through your eyes that grabs your attention. After watching that video you feel to share that particular video with other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. But, Facebook only allows you to save the video content in Facebook’s save list. You can’t download videos or photos from Facebook directly. The best Free Online Facebook Video Downloader HD is given below.

Best Free Online Facebook Video Downloader

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But don’t be disappointed to hear that, for this action, you just need a Facebook Video Downloader, and we’re here to tell you about the Best Free Online Facebook Video Downloader. The tools we are going to talk about not only download the video for free but maintain the HD quality as well.

Best Free Facebook Video Downloader 2022

After YouTube, Facebook is also the largest platform to share video content like memes, news, short films, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow its user to download it to watch later. But we’re providing the number of Best Facebook Downloaders 2022. So without procrastinating let’s dive in.

Best Free Online Facebook Video Downloader HD

Best Facebook Video Downloader for Android:

In 2022 every user has a different requirement and everyone wants a tool that can fulfill his/her requirement. So according to your need, you can use any of the given tools to save the Facebook video to watch offline.

  1. FBdownloader:

As the name of the tool itself suggests, for what purpose the tool is used? FBdownloader is a secure and reliable tool to download video content from Facebook.

  1. The use of is tool is quite simple; you just need to copy the link (URL) of the targeted video and paste it into the field.
  2. Smash on the “Go” button, and download the video. The format of that video will be mp4.
  3. The favorite thing of every user in this tool is that it allows them to download both SD & HD quality.
  4. It has an additional feature that allows the user to convert the video content into mp3.
  5. 4K Video Downloader:

  • Users who don’t want to compromise on the quality of the video can use this tool to download Facebook videos.
  • The great thing is this tool is compatible not only with Windows but with Mac as well.
  • This tool also provides the feature to download 3D and 360 videos. Isn’t it a great thing?
  1. net:

For those who have read our article so far and still haven’t found a tool that meets their needs, we have come up with another tool, which is

It is very similar to the FBdownloader, you just need to put the video URL and can download the video.

There is one thing in it that might meet your requirement, which is you can use it through the website or can install the chrome extension.

  1. GetfVid:

GetfVid is another tool to download video stuff from Facebook, but unfortunately, this tool doesn’t allow you to download private videos. For that, you need to use the tools that we have discussed above.

The rest functions of the tool are quite similar to before.

You can use it on any web browser and download or install the chrome extension as well.

  1. BitDownloader’s Free Facebook Downloader:

In the end, we have a bonus tool for our readers who have been with us till now.

Yes, next on the list is BitDownloader, it has a fast and user-friendly interface and everyone can easily use it without any hassle.

The feature in it you love the most is that the tool supports more than 800 various websites like YouTube, Instagram, V Live, etc.


In this blog post, we’ve discussed the download of video content from Facebook. As we all are well aware of it that like other social media sites, Facebook also doesn’t allow downloading its video stuff. In this article, we’ve gone through with five Best Free Online Facebook Video downloaders. All the tools we’ve discussed above support HD-quality downloading. Some of them have their chrome extension. If you feel that we missed any information or doesn’t meet your requirement, feel free to comment below we’ll defiantly help you.

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