How to Reset Android Phone When Locked Using Computer

 So now we’ll talk about How to Reset your Android Phone. Resetting the phone straight from the Settings app on Android or hard resetting Android through Recovery Mode can resolve issues. So don’t worry, factory resetting it from the computer is a viable option. Some people question whether is there any way to factory reset using a computer. Why not? There are ways to restore the factory settings of an Android phone using a computer. Users may use Android Device Manager to effortlessly identify, remotely lock, and especially delete data on their Android device. When your Android phone is lost or stolen, it is an exceptionally effective technique for erasing data saved on the device. Follow the steps below. Let’s get started, on How to Factory Reset Android Using a Computer.

How to Reset Android Phone Using Computer

A factory reset clears the device of all user data, third-party apps, related application data, and settings using When You reset Android With Pc. It’s Similar to Re- Formatting a computer’s the hard disk. Many methods exist to factory reset. The factory reset option is available in the device’s service menu, while in others, a particular button must be pressed or the device’s software must be completely reinstalled. Factory reset Must be performed With caution. Since it has the potential to erase all data saved on the Android Phone. Before returning your phone to your Secretariat or Telecom Services, it is strongly advised that you reset it to erase all of your personal data (email accounts, messages, images, contacts etc.

Format Android Phone From PC Software Free Download

How to Reset Android Phone When Locked Using Computer


You’ll require Software to Format Android Phone from a PC before you can do a factory Reset Android Using Computer to verify that all data is lost. Although, there are so many types of Software that can be helpful to Format Android Phone From PC. But I recommend to you 2 Software which I personally use for these types of purposes.


First One is DroidKit – Android Phone Toolkit. It is a complete Android solution toolkit that can solve many of your problems: unlock Google locked phones, Google account, or SIM card, Android data recovery, etc. Below In this article


The second One is Dr.Fone – Backup & Restore (Android) is the most convenient and user-friendly toolkit available. Users can manually pick the files they want to use. Users can also restore the backup based on their preferences. This app works with over 8000 Android smartphones throughout the world. This unique tool package will make users feel comfortable and secure.
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Android Wipe Data FactoryReset Using PC

In This Article, we will discuss the Android Wipe Data Factory Reset Using PC. Many critical data, such as documents, images, movies, audio, and other confidential data, are stored on our phones in this period. And regardless of anything we could come across while using it. To fix and wipe our phone, we can just reset it to factory settings.

Sometimes when you cannot wipe out data or factory reset your android phone. Don’t Worry you can also Use a PC For Android Wipe Data Factory  Reset Using a PC. For Android Wipe data factory Reset Using Pc You need Software to perform this activity In this we explain more on this topic below in this article.
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Android Mobile Factory Reset Software For PC

For Android Factory Reset must be needed software in Your PC. There are many Software to Factory Reset Your Android From a PC. In This Article, we define two Types Of software that will help you With the Android  Mobile Factory Reset.
So let’s Start Step by Step that how you Can use Droinkit to Factory  Reset Your Android Phone.


Get the latest version of DroinKit on your computer > Launch it and choose Unlock Screen.

  • First, Connect your phone and click Start. After the preparation of the configuration file, tap on Remove Now.
  • Then, Select your device brand and continue.
  • Finally, Follow the on-screen instructions to put your device into recovery mode. After completion of the unlocking process, you will get the lock screen removed and your Android phone reset.

DR Fone

Let’s move to Dr Fone and move to factory reset.

  •  Firstly, After installation completes, connect your Android device via data cable and go to Phone Backup. Then, this tool will automatically detect your device.
  •  Secondly, Click on “Backup” from all the other options provided.
  • Finally, You can now manually select the files you want to take backup or else to continue with the default selection of all the file types. The choice is yours.

Click on “Backup” again to proceed with the process, and within a few minutes, your whole device will create a backup. Also, you will be notified with a confirmation message.
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 How to Format Android Phone Using CMD

Let’s Talk about How to Format Android PhoneUsing CMD.

You may find Command Prompt in the Start menu or on the Apps screen.

Use the cmd command instead, or open it from its original location: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe

Enter a valid Command Prompt command to utilize it.

Start Windows Command Prompt and type C: Users rusernameAppDataLocalAndroid android-SDK platform-tools to get to the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) folder. Your Android phone will reboot when you enter ADB reboot recovery > This will bring up the Android System Recovery screen > To restore your Android phone to its original settings, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

How To Reset Android Tablet Using PC

You can only apply this method once the phone had turned on the USB Debugging To reset the Android Tablet Using a PC let’s move to How to Reset Android Tablet Using a PC without wasting your precious  time follow these steps

  •  Turn on the USB Debugging on Android
    Start the Android phone, go to the Settings app, scroll down to Developer Options, and pick USB Debugging to enable it.

Installation Of SDK Tool


  •  Download and Install SDK Tools on your Computer
    Start your computer > look for SDK tools on the internet > download and install them on your computer > open Android SDK Manager on your computer > pick Android SDK Platform-tools and drivers.
  • Install the device’s drivers.
  • If your PC doesn’t have Android drivers, you can use generic drivers instead.
  • Connect your Android to your PC by using a USB cable.
  • Wipe Data or Factory Reset your Android Phone

Start Windows Command Prompt and type C:Users rusernameAppDataLocalAndroid android-sdk platform-tools to navigate to the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) folder. Your Android phone will reboot when you enter ADB reboot recovery > This will bring up the Android System Recovery screen > To restore your Android phone to its original settings, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

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