How To Send Money From Cnic To JazzCash Account

A jazz cash account is a branchless Bank account licensed under State Bank’s branchless banking accounts. This online bank needs your CNIC and mobile number to create your account. With this jazzcash account, you can quickly transfer money to your loved ones, family, or friend with your mobile application.

Jazz cash account verification online

The card that identifies a person as a citizen of Pakistan is called Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). When parents register their child in the database of NADRA, they assign a unique 13 digits number which becomes their CNIC number when the child turns 18. Every citizen who turns 18 can create their CNIC.

Transfer Money To Mobile Account

You can quickly transfer money now without any difficulty. Any person from Pakistan with a valid CNIC can transfer money from the JazzCash agent to your mobile account or any other person’s mobile account. And also transfer money from CNIC to the JazzCash account.

How To Transfer Mobile Balance To Jazzcash Account

JazzCash number is not necessary to transfer the money. Even if you don’t have a mobile phone, you can still transfer money to anyone through any JazzCash agent.

When you visit a jazz cash agent to transfer money, there are a few documents you need to bring with you along with the required amount of money you want to transfer:

  • Provide the jazz cash agent with your valid CNIC and phone number.
  • Provide the receiver’s valid CNIC and mobile number.
  • Jaz cash agent will take your fingerprint as a biometric process (MANDATORY)
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to the sender when the transaction is done successfully.

You can also transfer money from different other sources. Let’s take a look at them:-

How to send money from CNIC to jazz cash account

From Mobile Account To Mobile Account

Any citizen or any JazzCash mobile banking user can transfer money to another JazzCash app user. It’s very simple to transfer; both receiver and sender have to be aware of each other valid CNIC and mobile phone number on which they created their JazzCash account. A person can transfer money by,

  1. Dial *786# and write the recipient’s CNIC and phone number(If you have a jazz network).
  2. Simply open the JazzCash app and do transactions after applying the basic requirements.

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There is no need for any biometric process when a person is transferring to another mobile account. Just make sure that you both have valid numbers. After transferring money person will receive a digital confirmation SMS of the successful transaction.

From CNIC to CNIC:

Transfering money from CNIC to CNIC through a mandatory process is called Remittance.

When people transfer money from CNIC to CNIC, the receiver must do a biometric thumb impression to receive the money. Without a biometric impression, the receiver can’t get the money. So, the receiver has to provide his CNIC, phone number, and a biometric thumb impression.

It’s a very simple and easy way to transfer money, and you can transfer money up to 50,000 by this online banking system. If the customer’s fingerprints don’t match with their CNIC, they can’t receive money. This process makes money more secure.

Transfer Money To Bank Account

People can also transfer money their money to a Bank account. If you have a Bank account and want to transfer money from your mobile banking app or your Bank to your mobile banking app, you can do it very easily and quickly, just with a few steps.

Now, if you want to transfer, go through the following steps,

  1. If you are a Jazz network user, dial *786# then select “send money” after that, select “send to bank,” then choose the bank, enter the receiver’s account number, and phone number, then add the amount and purpose of the transaction. After that whole process enters your MPIN code and confirms the transaction.
  2. Now, if you want to transfer from a bank to a mobile account, just go to your bank’s online portal select Mobilink Microfinance Bank, and enter the number on which you have registered your mobile account. Now enter the amount you want to transfer.

These are the ways by which you can transfer or send money to anyone and anywhere in Pakistan. Now let’s see some details regarding the JazzCash account.

Let’s say that you want to know your account details. You can check your account details through your app. Just simply open your app and select the “My Account” option. Besides that, you can also use JazzCash codes to check your limitations.

  • Dial *786*6*9# if you are a Jazz network user 
  • If you use another network, dial our UAN number, 111-124-444 (also write your area code), with the number you registered in your JazzCash account.

Biometric Verification on Mobile

The online banking system is a very helpful feature for money transfers. You can also verify your biometry in-app. It is very simple,

  1. Open to mobile banking app and enter your name.
  2. Write the OTP which is sent on your number.
  3. Write your CNIC number and your full name
  4. Scan both your hands one by one. The first scan left, then right.
  5. Scanning is complete, enter the MPIN number
  6. Confirm the MPIN number, and you are done.

Contact Method:

You can do an online chat or contact them regarding any issue to solve it or ask questions.

Unfortunately, if you forget your MPIN code or want more details regarding your account, you can simply dial 4444 and share your problem. JazzCash agents will solve your problem instantaneously. 

If you have any kind of query or confusion, contact us on 4444 or visit our website and write your comment. We’ll make sure to see and reply to your query as soon as possible.


Q: How can I update my JazzCash account CNIC?

A: To update your account go to your app and select the update my CNIC option, or you can also update by dialing *800# and choosing 6 to update CNIC.

Q: Is JazzCash only for Jazz sim?

A: No! Any mobile or network user can create a JazzCash account very quickly.

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