OG WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version 2023

Today, I have a remarkable app known as OG WhatsApp. It is one type of WhatsApp with extra features. If you want a perfect casual chatting app to chat with friends, relatives, etc. OG WhatsApp APK is a perfect choice for you to stay connected with your relatives. It is a secure and reliable mod of the real WhatsApp. This is a dual-supported WhatsApp and many people are using this application already. If you cannot afford to use another mode of Whats App rather than this then you should download and install this OG WhatsApp. You can use OG WhatsApp APK as your secondary or primary account for your personal use.

OG WhatsApp Pro APK Download New Version

In this article, I will tell you about the OG WhatsApp APK download, its features, and many more. I will further guide you on how to download and install OG WhatsApp. Kindly read the full article to know more about this and treasure feedback.

OG Whats App updated

OG WhatsApp latest is a Modified Version of Normal WhatsApp but Normal WhatsApp Apk has fewer features, OG WhatsApp is Customized themes and more than ten to fifteen extra features. The OG WhatsApp Update version is a third-party developed app but OG Whats App APK has amazing features.

This application is for android mobiles and the Download OG Whats App is Mode Version App. Whats App is a useful tool for using two Whats App numbers at a time.

Though it requires installation, which is not difficult enough. You might want to try it too. For starters, you can design the OG Whats app according to your taste and can make different changes that are not feasible with the official Whats App.

OG Whats App download APK latest version

OG Whats App latest version developers

OG Whats App APK was developed by two different developers. Why do people love to use both versions of OG Whats App I will briefly guide you about these versions.

OG WhatsApp download 2023 New Version

  • By inspiring the idea from the official Whats App Alex mods developed the OG Whats App. This mod came out with many fantastic features that are why people like to use this App.
  • Another developer called Hey Mods came up with their own version of the OG Whats App, after the creation of the OG Whats App by Alex Mods. This modified version was also liked by people and it got popular in a very short span of time. This version has many new and additional features that you cannot feasible in the original app.

Features of OG Whats App

Anti-ban version

 In this anti-ban APK download, you can get rid of getting banned. This feature has made this app 100% safe and secure to use. Now, no one even the official Whats App version is unable to get you banned from using this third-party app on your phone.

Password Protected

This is a very useful feature to set a password for a particular chat and is not available in the original Whats App. So you can save your chats from others in this anti-ban version of Whats App. This is one of the advanced features of OG Whats App APK’s latest version that is not available in the official version of Whats App.

Hide Online Status

For your private purpose, this is one of the latest features provided by the OG Whats App. You can hide the status of your presence on WhatsApp. In this way, no one will notice and try to figure out when you exactly used OG Whats App. You will not achieve this feature in the official version.

Anti-Delete Messages

You can read the Deleted messages by validating this feature. So when someone deletes a message, you can read those messages and will not need to ask them what they have deleted.

Anti-Delete Status

Just like the previous feature, you can see the WhatsApp status of your contacts that they have deleted, in this version of WhatsApp. Even if they deleted the status before 24 hours you can react to all statuses and surprise your friends. This is one of the best security features.

Colorful Themes

There are more than 1000 custom themes available in this version. You can select any theme of your taste for your WhatsApp screen. If you are perforate with the official WhatsApp version because of its boring themes, then you can download the OG WhatsApp APK latest version and apply the theme that you find suitable for your OG WhatsApp Apk home screen.

Calling Unsaved Numbers

You can send a message or make a call to any person even if their number is not saved to your contact list. Now you do not even need to save a number before calling so this feature saves you time.

Status Downloader

You cannot download the statuses uploaded by your contacts without an external status downloader in official Whatsapp. This feature of OG Whatsapp allows you to download status directly without any external status downloader. The official WhatsApp application may not provide you with this status downloader option.

Increased Characters For Group name

OG WhatsApp provides us with more characters limit when it comes to setting up the group name. This mod enhanced the limit of characters which is more than in official WhatsApp. You will have complete access to write the full WhatsApp group name if you want to place the name of your WhatsApp group fancy.

Send Images Up To 90

It allows you to send up to 90 images at one time to your contacts, this feature is not present in the original WhatsApp. In this way, you will not need to select images again and again to send your contact. You can send more images than in the official WhatsApp.


OGWhatsApp enables you to create WhatsApp conversations more interestingly by providing lots of new features like emojis. You will find so many emojis that are best in different situations in OG Whatsapp.

Dual Accounts

If you are restricted to using dual accounts on different phones, You can operate two accounts by using this mod. This feature makes the change between accounts flawless and holds all your controls in one place. Using this modded version along with the official WhatsApp account you can make voice and video calls on your android device.

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New Features of the Latest Version OG Whats app

  • You can hide your connection status in OG Whatsapp. So that no one can disturb you. You can easily access different apps without getting infuriating messages from your WhatsApp contacts with the help of this feature.
  • You can get great data backup and recovery options in OG Whatsapp.
  • You can send multiple images, saving their original quality. So that the other person can get images in their original version same as other modified versions.
  • OGWhatsApp supports sending multiple types of file formats like eBooks for instance. You can also send important documents which are related to your business.
  • The latest version of OGWhatsApp enables you to preview images and videos without downloading them, so you can save your MBs so that you can use them on other apps.


How To Download OG WhatsApp APK?

After reading about the amazing features of the OGWhatsApp APK you might want to download and install OGWhatsApp APK on your android devices. You don’t need to worry about how to install this I am here to guide you through the installation process.

You need to follow some steps which are given below to download this mod.

Step 1

First of all, open the browser and search OG WhatsApp.

Step 2

Go to the download page, and now click on the download button.

The APK file of OG WhatsApp will be downloaded to your device.

Step 3

Now go to the android settings and helm to security settings.

Step 4

Allow the “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option. Then open the app from the file manager to install it on your phone.

Step 5

After this, you need to wait until the installation process is completed.

Step 6

Open OGWhatsApp and start using it after the installation process is completed.


What is OG WhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is created by a third-party developer and is simply a modified version of the original WhatsApp. This provides WhatsApp users with some amazing and unique features that cannot find in the official version of WhatsApp.

How do I download OG WhatsApp?

You will not get the APK file of OG WhatsApp on the Google play store, so you will have to download OG WhatsApp modified version from third-party websites. Click the download button on this page, “Download OG WhatsApp” to download this app.

How do I update the OG WhatsApp?

For the latest update of OG WhatsApp keep visit to our website. By using the latest version of OG WhatsApp you can use all the features that are newly included. Make sure to get the latest version of OG WhatsApp APK to download if you are using an old version of this mod because you will not find modified versions like OG WhatsApp on the google play store.

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