Ufone Monthly Call Package In 100 Rupees Code

Ufone is a brand name given by Pakistan telecommunication company limited (PTCL) when they started their cellular operations in January 2001. The Ufone started working with enthusiasm and concentrated on providing the most pertinent communication tools and services to the people of Pakistan, enabling them to do much more by addressing the aspects of life. Get Ufone Monthly Call Package In 100 Rupees Codes here.

Ufone is dedicated to providing top-notch phone and broadband services at a straightforward price without additional fees. The company promises its customers that they will always be in the lead, developing and changing,¬† exceeding their expectations. Because at Ufone, it’s all about U.

Ufone Monthly Packages:

We offers a variety of monthly call packages which are very used nowadays. Ufone call packages provide the best benefits for their customers so that they can talk with their loved ones, family, and friends without any attention to their credit.

These offers are best for students because students have to ask their friends about assignments or if they can’t talk with their friends face to face they can just call them and talk with them for hours because calling isn’t a cheap thing and seeing that we have some offers of monthly packages.

Ufone monthly call package in 100 Rupees Code

Ufone Pakistan offer in 100rs:

This offer is the best to call someone because it is very cheap and affordable. The validity of this offer is a month bucket but due to a massive increase in taxes, telecom authorities decrease its validity from monthly to weekly.

It is supposed to be a monthly call offer of just 100 rupees but now it’s a weekly offer. In this offer, you’ll get 100MBs, 700 Uone, and PTCL mins in 100rs. To activate this offer dial *8888#.

Best offer in 100rs:

This offer was also supposed to be monthly but the Pakistan government increases the taxes extremely high on everything so that’s why telecom authorities decrease its validity also from monthly to weekly.

This offer provides 1000 Ufone and PTCL minutes and 2GB Facebook MBs. Dial *7070# to activate this offer. This offer is of rupees 100 but load requirement is 13ors including tax.

Ufone super mini card:

From this offer, you’ll get 500 Ufone and PTCL mins, 3500 SMS, 600 MB, and 75 off-net minutes for a half month (15 days) for just rupees 330Rs. The code to subscribe to this offer and enjoy these freebies is*230#. This offer is best for you to have a call package for half a month.

Ufone super card:

This offer provides  100 Ufone and PTCL mins, 4000 SMS, 12MBs, and 150 off-net minutes. Dial *240# to activate this offer or you can also buy the card from any Ufone retailer. The price of this offer is 550 rupees. Buy this offer to enjoy calls and other freebies for a month.

Ufone super card plus:

Ufone super card plus offer provides its users 1000 Ufone and PTCL mins, 180 off-net minutes, 4200 SMS, and 1500 MBs. You can buy the card from a Ufone retailer or dial a code *250# to enjoy this offer. The price of this offer is 599 rupees.

Ufone super card gold:

Enjoy unlimited Ufone and PTCL minutes and unlimited Facebook minutes with this Ufone super card gold offer. In this offer, you’ll get unlimited U to U and PTCL minutes, 5GB of internet, 300 off-net minutes, and unlimited Facebook and SMS. This offer is for 30 days in just 999rs. Please dial *900# to avail of this offer.

Sim lgao offer:

If you have any Ufone sim that you haven’t used for the last 30 days then it is the best offer for you to get. It’s a free offer in which prepaid customers who have not used their old sim can get 6000 Ufone and PTCL mins, 6000 SMS, and 6000MBs. Dial *5000# to activate this offer.

Nayi sim offer:

This offer is for 50rs in which you get 500 Ufone and PTCL mins, 250 off-net minutes, 500 SMS, and 1 GB internet data. Dial *1000# to et this offer. Enjoy free WhatsApp, Facebook, and call minutes from the Ufone nayi sim offer.

Ufone postpay prime offers:

There are three postpay prime offers of Ufone. Prime 2200 in which customers get 7500 on-net and 1200 off-net minutes, 40GB internet, and 7500SMS. The price of this offer is 2200rs and its validity is 1 month. Prime 1300 offer is in which customers get 7500 on-net and 750 off-net minutes, 20 GB internet, and 7500 SMS. Validity is 1 month and the price is 1300. Prime 825 in which people get 7500 on-net and 400 off-net minutes, 10 GB of internet, and 2000 SMS. The validity of this offer is 1 month and the price is 825rs.

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These are all the monthly offers you’ll get from Ufone. The prices o all these offers are affordable and you’ll also get freebies by availing of these offers.

Ufone weekly offers:

There are also many weekly offers of Ufone which you can enjoy by dialing the codes.

  • Ufone nayi sim offer in which you get 1000 on-net minutes and 4000 MBs in 0 rupees.
  • Ufone talk-time offer in of rupees 52.17 rupees in which you get unlimited on-net minutes.
  • Ufone’s Weekly Pakistan offer is just of rupees 100 in which you get 100 MBs and 700 on-ney minutes.
  • Ufone Asli Chappar Phar offer is the offer in which you get 1000MBs, 100 SMS, and 100 on-net minutes. The price of this offer is just 120rs.
  • Ufone’s best weekly is also 120 rupees in which you’ll get 2000 MBs and 1000 on-net minutes.
  • Ufone super minutes offer is 160 rupees in which you’ll get 125 on-net minutes.

These all offers are weekly with affordable ranges. There are some questions bout Ufone company that people may ask so I hope that after reading the following FAQs you’ll get all your answers. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call us on 333 if you are a Ufone network user and at 051-111-333-100 from any other number.

Q: What is the monthly package of Ufone?

A: There are many Ufone cards that provide monthly packages. Ufone super card, Ufone super card plus, Ufone super card gold. These are all the Ufone cards that have monthly call packages and other freebies.

Q: How can I get free U minutes?

A: Put back your old sim in your phone and dial *234# to avail of this opportunity.

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