How To Use JazzCash Without App Through Offline Code

JazzCash is a mobile banking app by which you can transfer money quickly and very easily to anyone and anywhere in Pakistan. It is a mobile wallet so you can transfer money without difficulty, and you don’t have to walk to the bank for a money transfer. How To Use JazzCash Without App Through Offline Code? So please follow the method given below.

How to Use JazzCash Without App

There are some ways by which people can transfer their goods and services without the app. Transferring money without an app requires some conditions; not everyone can use this service.

  • Only JazzCash users can use JazzCash without the app. Jazz network users can dial *786#, and by following the instructions, they can transfer or receive money. They can also check their balance or update their account easily without using an app.
  • For checking the balance after dialing *786#, Jazz network users can choose 6, which is “My Account,” and press 2 to check the balance.
  • Users can also call JazzCash agents on 4444 to check their balance, but only JazzCash users, other network users can dial the UAN number to ask any query.

How to use jazz cash without app through offline code

Offline code:-

The offline code to use JazzCash is *786#. Users can use JazzCash without the app by dialing this code and can do any transaction in no time. But using JazzCash without an app opportunity is only for Jazz network users. Other network users have to download the app and transfer their goods.

USE JazzCash through App:

People can use JazzCash benefits through the app. You can download the app through the play store and log in to your account. Enter your email and phone number, create your MPIN and start using your account. It’s very simple to create and very easy to use. Branchless banks are a great source of benefits for transferring money to your loved ones or receiving money.

Account Level Daily Credit Daily Debit Monthly Credit & Debit Yearly Credit & Debit Max Balance
Level 0 25,000 25,000 50,000 200,000 200,000
Level 1 50,000 50,000 200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000
Level 2 400,000 400,000 500,000 6,000,000 1,500,000

It is a very immediate process. Jazz and Warid users can also use codes to use the JazzCash app, but other network users can only use the app to transfer or receive money.

Transfer of money:-

JazzCash users can transfer money to another JazzCash account by entering the receiver’s valid email and phone number. They can also transfer money to the bank account just by opening the app and clicking the option transfer to the bank, and by entering the bank’s name and phone number, you can transfer money very quickly and easily.

People can also transfer money from a bank account to a JazzCash account simply by opening the bank’s online portal, selecting the option Mobilink Microfinance Bank and entering their registered mobile number. These are the steps to transfer or receive money through the app.

JazzCash through offline App:

Jazz network has now launched an offline app for their users. Using codes for offline transactions was the only method to do transfers without an app, but now Jazz network has an app of 3 to4 MB. By downloading this light app, Jazz network can quickly transfer money offline without any code.

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Users don’t have to dial any code during transactions; they just have to download the app and then use it anywhere and anytime offline and without codes. Features of this offline transaction app are:

  1. Users can send money.
  2. They can also pay utility bills very quickly.
  3. They can also load balance on their mobile.
  4. Users can also transfer money to the bank.
  5. They can also check their balance or their account.

This app is very secure and very safe to use. This app can leak your personal information, and your money is safe. It is simple like the JazzCash app that every network use, but the only difference is that it is an offline app, and only Jazz network users can use it. That’s it.

Besides that, if you want to ask any questions or want any help, you can contact the JazzCash helpline and ask them.

JazzCash Helpline:-

The answer to any query or confusion can be resolved by dialing the helpline code 4444 for Jazz and Warid network users and 111-124-444 ( with area code ) for other network users from their registered mobile numbers.

What is the code for JazzCash?

Besides, you can ask for any kind of help regarding your account through these codes. For verification, Jazz network users can dial 4444 or *786*6*9#, and other networks can simply dial the UAN number for verification. You can also check your Account transaction limits from the “My Account” section or by dialing their codes.

Now there are some questions that you might have in your mind, I hope that after these questions, you will understand what you want to know:

Q: How do I transfer money with a card number and CVV?

A: Go to the “Debit Card” area, choose the card account, and enter your debit card information. This calls for the card’s 16-digit number, the card’s expiration date, and the CVV code. Now select the “Money Transfer” option and enter the beneficiary information.

Q: Can I make a JazzCash account without CNIC?

A: No! for creating a JazzCash account, the customer’s valid CNIC card is required because account limits are managed on a CNIC basis rather than an account basis.
Q: Can I pay the utility bills of others using my JazzCash account?
A: Yes, you can pay bills of yours and anyone from your JazzCash account. Besides that, it doesn’t matter how much the amount is; you can pay it quickly and safely through your JazzCash account.
Q: Can I log in JazzCash on the Web?
A: Yes, by visiting the Jazz network website and following the instructions.

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